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3 hidden reasons why using a conventional approach to healing from an autoimmune condition is not working for you

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Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it

Tori Amos

When diagnosed with an autoimmune (or any other such severe chronic condition), we often feel helpless. In fact, conventional wisdom tells us that that there is not much that we can really do in terms of getting better apart from taking the necessary medications that have been prescribed. This further fuels this feeling of helplessness and leaves us feeling disempowered.

This is highly unfortunate since autoimmune diseases are on the rise worldwide and it now includes more than 80 different autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and many more. These are usually addressed by powerful immune-suppressing medications that focus on suppressing the symptoms rather than addressing the true root causes.

The problem with this kind of approach is that it does NOT address the extremely important question –

WHY you are sick and have this disease

As a result, due to this chronic immune dysregulation and subsequent chronic inflammation, people often end up developing more than one autoimmune condition which needs yet more medications. And so on and on it goes in a vicious cycle.

The “fire” that burns

Inflammation is the “fire” that burns as a result of our immune response to any kind of threat and is a completely natural and healthy part of our defense and repair process. In a healthy person, this inflammation is shortlived and the body eventually returns to homeostasis. However, in the case of autoimmunity, the body mounts a response against its own cells and tissues and becomes stuck in a vicious cycle of chronic inflammation. 

Inflammation appears to be connected to almost every known chronic disease- from diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, autism to dementia, allergies/asthma, arthritis, and even depression.

If you want to cool off this “fire” you need to find the source first. You need to then start removing the triggers that are fanning this fire and calm your immune system to a place of balance and tolerance. This is certainly possible but not easy. 

In my coaching practice, I work with women who are dealing with one or more autoimmune conditions and we work together to uncover this source and incorporate an anti-inflammatory lifestyle (foods, stress, and toxins) to support and calm their immune system

Poor health attracts disease

While genetics certainly has a role to play in chronic disease, it is the environment- not our genes- which is the primary contributor towards better health and longevity. This means that genes are not driving our disease, our lifestyle, diet, and overall environment are.

In the modern world, the unfortunate reality is that if you are not intentional about creating health, you will most likely be moving towards disease. Whether it’s our pro-inflammatory diet (highly refined foods, processed vegetable diets, and nutrient poor junk foods), our high stress lifestyles, exposure to toxins, or a lack of healthy habits like regular movement, adequate sleep, and rest- all of these contribute to the progression of chronic disease over a period of time.

Three hidden reasons that are keeping you stuck

What I have found when I look into my personal and professional experience of dealing with chronic health conditions is that there are THREE main but usually hidden reasons which keep many people from truly being able to heal themselves. 

These are 3 common reasons why you are struggling to see any tangible results or feeling stuck when it comes to dealing with your health condition in a sustainable manner.

The first reason is that you are giving away your power to the “experts”

While you need to certainly take medical advice from health professionals regarding your health issues and follow the advice that is provided to you, your responsibility towards your health doesn’t stop there!

Ultimately, you are the “expert” on your body, life, and your health. If you solely depend on others to take care of your health, you are giving away your power to truly heal yourself.

This leads me to the second reason- you are not taking full responsibility for your health

Again, this is not to blame yourself for falling ill or being diagnosed with an illness, this is the realisation that you are responsible for your health and ultimately your life. Your daily choices and your habits contribute immensely to your long term health. 

For example, the food choices that you make everyday, whether or not you exercise/move regularly, manage your stress are all in your control are all examples of choices and actions that you are taking on a daily basis.

Once you are aware of this and are able to take full responsibility, you become empowered to make better choices and start taking action. This I believe is the single biggest reason why so many people feel helpless and remain stuck whether it is related to their health or their entire life.

The third is that you are focusing on treating disease, not creating health

Again, it is unlikely that this distinction is not something that you were either taught or made aware of. I certainly never knew the difference between the two for the longest time in my life!

When my daughter was dealing with severe eczema, all I knew how to do was to rely on strong immune suppressing medications that were prescribed for her and hope that it was enough. I learned the hard way that treating chronic disease by managing the symptoms is not enough, true healing has to happen from within. You can read about our story here.

Whether the disease is curable or not, one can always find ways to improve their immunity, heal their stress response and take steps to support their body’s unique healing capabilities. 

Which of these reasons resonated most with you?

Comment below or send me a DM on Instagram at @aninditarungta to learn how you can work with me!

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