Webinar “Are our children overfed and undernourished?

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As a mother of two children and as a health professional, I am quite concerned about the nutritional value of the foods that children today are having on a regular basis. There are many things that are worth emulating the Western countries for but their modern diet is not one of them. Unfortunately, as more and more international food giants look for newer markets and launch their highly processed products along with highly refined marketing campaigns in India, it is difficult to resist the allure of what they seem to be offering us. We have the same problem with Indian manufacturers peddling their processed foods products to our children.

What do these highly processed foods seem to offer us?

Convenience- YES

Taste- YES

Affordability- YES

Nutritional Value- MAYBE (or in some cases MINIMAL and/or HARMFUL)

Should you be concerned with the impact that these may be having on your child? ABSOLUTELY!

While childhood obesity is one of the most obvious manifestations of this worldwide epidemic, there are less obvious health issues that our children are facing today and which can all be traced back to their diet (as well as other causes)

ADD, ADHD and behavioural challenges

Digestive disorders

Fatigue or low energy levels

Inability to concentrate and lack of focus

Poor immunity (having constant colds and cough) and prolonged recovery from an illness

Diabetes and kidney disease

Our normalising of chronic illness of our children is another cause of concern. Somehow, chronic health issues in children like recurrent headaches, skin rashes, eczema, allergies, anxiety, depression, behavioural problems in many children have become the "new normal".

And one of the main reasons is that our children are simply NOT getting the nutrients that they need to grow up to be healthy adults.

We all need to stop making excuses about what our child "likes to eat" (read junk and processed foods like pizza, soda, chips) and take back our power as a parent from the clutches of the food industry. We need to educate ourselves about the foods that we are giving our children and the impact it is having on their health

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In this webinar I cover the following aspects children and nutrition

true health is NOT the absence of disease

"a healthy child" needs proper nourishment

food and nutrition

toxins in our food

how we are allowing the food industry to shape our children's health

YOU are the expert on your child

Happy, healthy eaters

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