Private coaching

Let me take you on a journey of healing and transformation

If you are a woman dealing with an autoimmune and other related chronic health conditions then by working with me you will receive customised guidance for lifestyle and dietary interventions to help you heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. 

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you finally took care of yourself the way you deserve to

At the end of the private coaching programme, you will transform your life by supporting your body so that you feel less stressed, more energetic, empowered and motivated and in charge of your health

How it works

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Schedule an Initial Health Consultation (60 minutes) to identify key areas of your life that you need to prioritise and focus on

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Sign up for the 6 months signature coaching programme
"Healing from within"

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Uncover the root cause of your health condition

Uncover the root cause of your health condition by finding out the interconnectedness between your symptoms, your lifestyle and your health condition. 
The comprehensive Medical Symptoms Questionnaire will help you get started with identifying underlying causes of illness and track your progress over time.
Complete this free online comprehensive MEDICAL SYMPTOMS QUESTIONNAIRE to get started today!

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Several years ago my life was turned upside down and I had to learn how to take care of my own physical and emotional wellbeing

I learned how to prioritise my own self care during my daughter’s severe health crisis. Now my mission is to share my story of hope, courage and determination with other women so that they can take care of themselves without guilt and show up for their dreams. 

As a Functional Medicine certified health coach I am able to guide women through a step by step process of transformation which seems both simple and effortless to implement


Not sure where to start

You are not sure about the first step you need to take to move towards your health and wellness goals

OVERWHELMED BY all the options

This programme will provide a customised solution based on your environment, health history, lifestyle and nutritional requirements

difficult to sustain the changes....

As your coach, guide and accountability partner you will be provided with all the tools you need to stay on track

The results


feel empowered, inspired and motivated to take care of your health

find the root cause of your chronic health condition and start addressing it

have different tools and resources to sustain the changes that you make

become more emotionally balanced due to increased mind-body awareness

transform your life so that you can be the "best" version of yourself!

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- dipanwita

“A genuinely caring and involved coach who can reset your life”


kavita took one baby step forward and then another

"Anindita's holistic program offers insights into all the components that go into good health".  

I've become more aware of the things that trigger my issues and more aware of the active role I can play in my self-care...I don't have to be a victim! While this journey is ongoing, it's great to have support and coaching to work through

archana embraced the power of self care

"YOU have completely transformed my life : I am living proof that your process works & works, beautifully" 

'SelfCare’ as a concept, was completely alien to me. You have shown me the mirror; taught me through baby steps, how to inculcate it into my daily life. I am so very grateful for your presence in my life.

This could be you....

shweta achieved the results that she wanted

"Anindita gave me all the tools to help me achieve a healthy body and mind."

Eating better, getting creative with food, journaling, trying to achieve a better mindset, getting attuned to small signs of distress in my body, understanding my body better all became better habits , which in turn compounded to achieve exceptional results. All this wouldn't have worked without Anindita's guidance and calm presence.


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- tori amos

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a bit deeper to find it.”

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