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    “No one can listen to your body for you….

    To grow and heal, you have to take responsibility for listening to yourself”

    -Jon Kabat Zinn


    Do you really listen to yourself? Your heart and your body?

    Do you take the time to PAUSE and tune into your body?

    Do you show yourself some respect by attending to your needs?

    Have you ever wondered why that is?

    It's funny and sad at the time how so many of us spend more time taking care of our possessions like cars, bags, clothes, phones etc than we do ourselves. As busy mothers, our own health is often at the very bottom of our TO-DO list. It's never about how busy we are since all of us can be "busy" with something or the other, but more often whether we think ourselves worthy enough of taking care of. 

    True healing starts with listening to yourself.  When you value your body and actually honour it by listening to whatever messages it shares with us, you live a life that is fulfilling and even life saving.


    Trust your feelings

    By tuning in to your body you have access to the inner guidance that is always there to support you, especially in difficult times. Unfortunately for many of us, we have been taught to live our lives in a constant state of emergency. As a result, we often end up ignoring the messages that our body is trying to convey to us since these messages often tend to be quite negative. Living in this state of chronic stress often takes its toll. 

    However, the more you practice listening to your body, the more you will respond to its needs over a period of time. This will help you take timely action from a place of strength and even help prevent illness in the long run. 

    This I find is often the missing piece in preventing many illnesses that start off with some mild discomfort, some mild symptoms. If we can learn to pay attention and take action on time, a lot of pain can often be avoided.

    When we learn to work with our bodies and realise that our symptoms serve as messengers, we become free.


    Expressing your emotions

    The good thing is, that by connecting to those parts of yourself that are crying out for help, you can find the strength to deal with challenges as and when they arise. If you are in tune with your feelings, over a period of time you can learn to trust your feelings, both good and bad. As that happens, you will also find that you are able to give yourself what you need. And as you do that, you are present for your family and loved ones in a more authentic and compassionate manner.

    In the end peace of mind does not come from external sources but all that we do that is alignment with what we stand for and one that benefits our mind, body and soul.


    The healing power of touch

    In moments of stress (like we are going through right now) we can use the wisdom of our bodies to return us to a state of ease and calm. Whether it is news about the spread of COVID19 in your area, economic recession, work related stress or worrying about your family's health, you can build resilience by tuning into your body. Infact, putting a hand on your heart and offering yourself some compassion can help you weather any kind of storm in your life.

    If you would like to go through a guided meditation that I have shared on how to do in a previous podcast episode, please go to Episode no 7 - Hand on your heart- listening to the wisdom of your body



    In this week's podcast episode I take you through FOUR steps that you can take today to start valuing and honouring your body in a way that feels right for you. (link provided below)

    It is possible to see more peace, calm and joy in your life if you are INTENTIONAL about it. Over the next several weeks I will be expanding on this topic to help you starting making CHANGES so that you can start seeing the results that you want. 




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