Anindita is India's first certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from the US based Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). She is also a first time author and has written a book called "I have what?"  for families and children dealing with eczema. She has a blog called "" where she shares information about eczema. She has her own coaching practice at Mumbai, India and also collaborates with Dr. Amrita Talwar who is her co-author and her daughter's dermatologist.

She works with people suffering from various chronic diseases to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes. She helps her clients connect the dots between their chronic conditions and the environment they live in, including the food that they eat and their lifestyle.

My story

My journey into Health Coaching began in a way when my daughter was born. The series of events which start in late 2011 culminated in my foray of completely transforming my life and becoming India’s first Functional Medicine Health Coach. And the best part is that this phase of my life has just started.

The past

My life was pretty much what we call normal and I worked full time in a financial services company until my second child, a son, was born. I did not know that then, but it was at the lowest point of our struggle of dealing with our daughter’s health issue in 2013 which ultimately proved to be the turning point in my life. Our daughter had eczema since she was a baby and it going out of control around the time she just 6 years old. The next couple of years turned out to the be the toughest part of being a mother parent who was completely helpless and unable to do much while my daughter’s health became from bad to worse. I will never forget her suffering and pain while all we could do in desperation was try out all kinds of treatment and moving onto stronger and stronger drugs. Her well-meaning doctors stood by us and gave us the best advice and medicines that they knew of, but it was not enough.

Then in 2013, she battled with a life threatening infection as a result of the terrible “side effect” of a drug given to control her eczema. We are lucky and extremely grateful that she survived and recovered slowly over time. This incident proved to be the turning point in my life and I decided to empower myself and take more control over her treatment. I refused to believe that there was nothing else that we could do to help her than simply giving her strong drugs for the foreseeable future. For the remainder of that year and the next, I would spend all my time researching on other science-based, safer and yet effective ways of managing her eczema. I first came to realise that food played a major role in creating and restoring health and eventually I also stumbled across Functional Medicine. I started making changes in her diet and even though I did not see much of a difference, I was convinced I was on the right track. Functional Medicine did not really exist in India (even now it has not officially been launched in India), but I came to know that the principles were the same of that of our traditional ancient way of healing, Ayurveda.

My determination to heal my daughter led me to Functional Medicine. Over the next couple of years with the help of a practitioner, we focused on healing her from the inside out.

I started my daughter on Functional Medicine treatment with a London based practitioner in 2015. Slowly but surely with his help and using Functional Medicine protocol, my daughter gradually started on her journey. This journey has seen many ups and downs and I have had to use many different tools like food, supplements, essential oil, herbs with medicinal properties. Another very critical part of her healing was the emotional support that I provided her with inspirational stories, books, meditation and unconditional love and support. As a family, we all came together and provided her and each other with the strength, love and support we needed at a very difficult time.

My blog “” was born out of a need to reach out to other families who were also struggling with the same issues and in pain. It was a way of letting them know “they were not alone". My book along with my co-author, Dr. Amrita Talwar (my daughter’s dermatologist) called “ I have eczema….so what?” was published in 2016. This book is based on our struggles about dealing with eczema and is a story about a family which draws its strength from love and comes out stronger.

The present

We discovered the power of true healing by treating the root cause using Functional Medicine. Ultimately, as we treated and healed her gut, her eczema disappeared and she went off all medications after five long years!

Our journey is captured in the blog mentioned above. She remains an inspiration to me and has been instrumental in my own journey to becoming a Health Coach. She is also an inspiration to many others suffering from chronic conditions who wish to embark on their own healing journeys which may be long and difficult.

I am now a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from the US based Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and I run my own Health Coaching practice in Mumbai, India. I currently work with clients who have all kinds of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and diabetes, autoimmune conditions and of course eczema.

Health Coaching empowers you to embark on your healing journey

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