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    Do you ever find yourself asking yourself these questions (or even some version of it)?


    Why am I not seeing the kind of results that I want in my life?

    Why do I feel like I am drifting through my own life without a clear sense of direction?


    While the answers to these kinds of questions are not often obvious and straight forward, one thing is clear. The more clarity you have about what you want from your own life or the kind of person you want to be, the easier it becomes for you to move towards that goal.

    While growing up I had a vague idea about goal setting and its importance and relevance in our lives, but it was only during my training as a Functional Medicine certified Health Coach that I learned to really appreciate its power. From helping my clients set and achieve goals that would help heal their chronic health conditions by making dietary and lifestyle changes to setting up a solo coaching practice, launching a podcast and an online membership programme for women, goal setting has played a key role in my own life.

    Goals play an important role by transforming your vision into reality. The act of setting a goal is often the very first step in achieving the things that you want in the future. So if you have not yet taken out the time to think about what you want to do in the next 5, 10, 20 years of even the rest of your life, you can start now!

    Infact, the number ONE regret that many have at the end of their lives is that they did not live a life that was true to them, on their own terms. Isn't that a shame?

    On the other hand, maybe you do have goals that you work towards (personal or professional) yet you often feel unmotivated or struggle to remain focused. It may simply be that you are not setting the RIGHT goals or moving in a direction that is in alignment with your values.

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    Setting goals the SMART way is essential for success

    The key while setting goals in your life that give you the desired results is to understand you need to learn how to be very specific and focused on the outcome that you want. At the same time, it needs to also be in alignment with your internal values and motivation. In my coaching practice, this is an area we focus on since making long term and sustainable behavioral changes is key in getting well and staying well.

    The SMART GOAL framework that I have shared below is the same one I use for setting my own goals and with my clients. This is the same framework that has empowered me to establish a solo coaching practice, launch a podcast (Nourish Heal Connect), and an online membership group coaching programme for women. This framework for setting goals is a powerful and effective tool since the vague “shoulds” and “wishes” become clear. You can also think through the goal that you are setting more thoroughly and become clear on what is most important to you and why.

    S- Specific

    M- Measurable

    A- Attainable

    R- Realistic

    T- Timebound

    Keep in mind that this framework works really well when you use this to set goals that are based on internal motivations rather than external ones. This specificity is key in helping you plan and prepare you to connect with the underlying reasons behind why you want to make these changes in the first place.

    Infact, goals often fail due to a failure to plan. The SMART framework guides you to plan in a manner such that the rewards for achieving the goal has been identified and the goal is incorporated into a realistic plan which is measurable, has specific timelines and resources which have been clearly outlined.


    Self revaluation and identity based habits

    Your values often undermine or determine your success of achieving a goal and the closer you are to the values that you hold dear, the more your life will flourish the way you want it to.

    By connecting with what you really value in your life and allowing those values to motivate you towards the goals that you believe are important to you will help you see the results that you want.

    When your goals are connected to your values, in essence, they are in alignment with your identity. Outcomes are about what you want whereas identity is about what you believe. By basing your goal on your identity, you can work on creating habits that move you towards your goals based on who you want to become rather than what you want to achieve.

    For eg, want to lose weight?

    Then focus on becoming the type of person who eats healthy and moves her body regularly.



    Goals helps us to become clear about the direction

    Commitment plays a critical role in determining whether you will succeed in achieving them. By becoming clear on and then committing to a specific task and taking action turns it into reality. By only focusing on important but very broad issues like finding the right life partner, finding out your life’s purpose or what to do with the rest of your life you are making it difficult for yourself to achieve them.

    These kinds of broad goals do not help you to figure out what you should be doing next. Instead, if you focus on the next step that you can take by committing to a specific task, then you can get going towards your goal immediately. Keep in mind that while it is completely normal to be scared of choosing the wrong goal or your goal taking too much time to achieve, your fears should not hold you back from living the life that you want to.

    Know that you can always evaluate, revise and refine your goal along the way- this way your goal can become SMARTER. You can adjust and refine your goals at any time! Also, the length of your goals should not prevent you from starting on them, because once you truly commit and decide to start and have a willingness to begin again and again, nothing can stop you from achieving what you truly want.


    What are you waiting for my friend? It's time for you to start showing up for your dreams!


    "The moment you put a deadline on your dream, it becomes a goal"

    -Stephen Kellog

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