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"I met Anindita in my search to find answers and solutions for epilepsy, which entered my daughter's life at the age of 13. We have stayed together on this arduous journey ever since, for the last three years.
The first experience when meeting Anindita, is one of an unusually strong feeling of calmness and strength. A decade of gaining knowledge, sharing experiences, and strengthening her practice of mindfulness and loving compassion, has equipped Anindita with the insight and empathy which is rare these days, and which parents and caregivers are desperately in search of.
Anindita has held my daughter's hand through a number of physiological, mental, neurological and emotional challenges, and has never let go even once! In true spirit of the Functional Medicine treatment, Anindita has given my child the holistic care of diet, exercise, mindfulness and positive thinking skills, that helped to manage her conditions better, strengthen her immune system, and battle the challenges one faces in day to day life as an adolescent with a chronic disease.
Anindita has kept as sharp an eye on my daughter's supplements, nutrition levels, diet protocol, quality of life and happiness levels, as only any mother would.
We will forever remain attached to, and grateful for, Anindita" - Ms Swati Iyengar (mother of my client)  


"I was struggling with migraines for 15 years till Anindita laid before me treatments other than conventional medicines (which did not work for me at all) . I also did the group elimination diet for a month which was the only month in the last 18 years which went by without a migraine . I am still with her and on supplements that she has put me on and I am looking to be rid of my headaches forever and I know the end is in sight"- Dr Amrita Talwar (Board Certified Cosmetologist and Dermatologist based in Mumbai)

"Anindita and I have worked together as a team to manage her daughter's severe eczema over the past few years. She came to me as her doctors' had already tried all the various treatments that was available and she had been on various systemic medications for the past few years. Anindita had done her homework and was convinced that Functional Medicine could help find out the root cause of her eczema and help heal her daughter. I gave them guidance as far as the treatment, testing and gut healing protocol was concerned but she is the one who had to do all the groundwork for three years. Healing from a chronic condition takes a huge amount of commitment, dedication and determination and she displayed all of this. Today, her daughter's eczema has healed and she has gone off all her medications. Anindita is bringing her personal experience and knowledge to help others dealing with chronic conditions as India's first Functional Medicine certified Health Coach and has set up her own practice in Mumbai, India" - Pete Williams IFM Certified Practitioner, London

"My son Ayaan Jain (5 years) is suffering from Atopic Dermatitis from the age of 1. We have shown Ayaan to multiple top dermatologist’s in London and Mumbai who recommended different moisturizers, Steroids and Antihistamine Syrup but nothing was able to solve the root of the issue and his skin got worse day by day. In the last 4 years, as a concerned parent , we had tried from Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Allopathic,  etc. but nothing worked. That’s when we decided to give a chance to Anindita’ s Functional Medicine treatment. The beauty of Functional Medicine lies in its simplicity, and this approach gets results as we are addressing the root cause i.e Healing the Gut. We have known Anindita for the last 4 months and my son is getting treatment under her guidance and now we see light at the end of tunnel to have Ayaan live a normal childhood. Anindita comes across highly professional, well read, recommend stuff’s only which she had used and believes in solving the problem"- Rakesh and Kalpa Jain, parents of Ayaan Jain

"I have attended Anindita's workshop and even though I am in the food business and advocate healthy and organic produce, as a mother I felt that I had a lot to learn from her.  Not only in the realm of healthy eating but seemingly innocuous things which we do in our day to day lives which affect our long term health.  These include products we use to clean our homes, perfumes we spray and packaged products we consume regularly and a variety of seemingly small changes which contribute to our health in a big way. 
Her knowledge comes not only from her degree  as a certified Health Coach  but through her own deep interest in this field and self admittedly she reads up on the subject in her free time which shows her passion and commitment.  I found this passion very inspiring and one session with her was enough to convince me that I needed to make major lifestyle changes. She does not instruct you but listens to you and works with you to make a difference. 
 Anindita helps a lot of people who suffer from these day to day issues through her workshops and who do not know what to do about it because it is something that does not need immediate medical attention but affects their health in the long term. She also does workshops with kids and teenagers to introduce them to non toxic ways of living, improve their concentration and lead a healthier life. 
 Her story is truly inspiring"- Ms Raka Chakrawarti, Founder & CEO of gourmetdelight.in

"Anindita has effectively turned her challenges into her strength. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge and topped it with certification from top global institutes. She follows the holistic approach of Functional Medicine and today has made it her priority to help people, especially children who are suffering from chronic autoimmune conditions. See her, talk to her and a whole new world that is positive and progressive will open up"- Ms Malabi Das (attended the workshop on Toxins- Live Clean)

"I did the Elimination Diet with Anindita which was super helpful in terms of realizing food requirements of my body. 
Similarly it made me conscious of every food item I put in my mouth and I labeled a couple of things not applicable or not suitable to me and I have started avoiding them. Also, the best part of the diet is that you realize there are substitutes available in the market to your regular foods if it is not suiting you. Thank you so much for this Anindita:- Ms Varnikaa Jain (was a participant in the first batch of Elimination Diet in march 2018)