The 6 stage healing journey that is highly effective while dealing with autoimmune conditions

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I believe that dealing with any kind of chronic condition is like going on a long, and often difficult journey that needs us to prepare for it in advance. This is especially true when you are trying to heal from an autoimmune condition. If you have not really taken the time to prepare yourself, create an environment that supports healing and do not take the time to listen and adapt to your body’s needs, you will give up before long. This kind of approach is not particularly helpful when trying to create long term and sustainable health. 

Over the years of educating and coaching clients with various chronic conditions, I have realised that healing needs a systematic, step-by-step approach where we take the time to understand what it is needed to heal from within. 

I often equate the experience that my clients go through in my coaching programme to that of a “journey”. This helps them to mentally and emotionally prepare for it much the same way they would do if they were to actually travel somewhere. The reason is that autoimmune conditions are usually complex, multifactorial in nature. Dealing with it requires you to keep an open mind and have patience so that you travel at a pace that is comfortable for your body.

But first I want to address something that truly pains me every time I come across it- being at war with our own bodies

At war with our bodies

Too often we are told that we need to

“fight” the infection

“kill” the cancer

“attack” the pathogen

This kind of perspective blinds us to the fact that we cannot separate our bodies from all these conditions/diseases and if we are constantly in battle with them, then we are at war with our own bodies. 

What if instead, we used a different language and had a gentler approach to defending our bodies?

This kind of approach would not stop us from using antibiotics, antiviral medicines and other drugs as and when needed. At the same time we would still be open to exploring other healing modalities which would allow us to support our body’s immune system from the inside out.

Think about how it would feel to stop fighting yourself, your body all the time….

How would it feel to start listening to your body instead?

Maybe then you would find the energy to focus on all the things that you need to heal. 

When you start to change your perspective you will often find a need to understand why exactly you have this disease.

You may or may not get the answers that you want, but at least with the right answers you start moving in the right direction!

A step-by-step journey towards healing and transformation

In my own experience of guiding and supporting my clients to find and address the root cause of their chronic health issues, I have found that following a step-by-step approach is the most effective in getting results. 

Dealing with any such conditions requires us to make changes in terms of our lifestyle, our diet and our mindset. As a result, the steps that my clients have to take can become really overwhelming. To avoid this, I take my clients through a step-by-step process that consists of 6 stages. By going through this process, they become much more aware of their own bodies, feel more energetic and confident as they finally start addressing the root causes of their disease. 

While we cover these stages in our individual coaching sessions fortnightly, I have found that what makes it even more effective is reinforcing these in the form of an online course that supports the individual coaching sessions. This course is in the form of video trainings with additional resources like workbooks, checklists, lists.

These 6 stages cover the following topics-

Stage 1- Laying the foundations

Stage 2- Healing your gut

Stage 3- Moving beyond symptom management

Stage 4- Balancing hormones

Stage 5- Strengthening your mind body connection

Stage 6- Creating sustainable health

Please keep in mind that what is covered in this coaching programme is not a substitute for medical advice or any medical treatments. It is simply another way of supporting the body’s innate healing capabilities by 

  • providing what is needed
  •  removing what is harmful 
  • creating a healing environment

While all the stages are important, the first stage of laying a solid foundation is often the one that I find that many people miss out on. If you are to be able to create sustainable and resilient health, you need to start with the basics. which includes among other things eating habits, sleeping hygiene, learning how to make healthier choices and mindset shifts. 

It is this first stage that helps my clients to learn how to make better choices, better habits and become more aware of the importance of things like eating/sleeping hygiene, adequate hydration, stress and mindfulness  

Healthier choices requires making changes

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, my skillset includes teaching and guiding people how to make sustainable changes which are critical for long term health. In particular, helping them to understand that most chronic diseases are a mismatch between our lifestyle choices and circumstances, and the life experience they want to have.

In order to become an active participant in your own health creation and make healthier choices, you need to go beyond symptom management and feel truly motivated to do whatever it takes to heal yourself.

This way you can move from feeling “deprived” when you give up certain foods that don’t suit you, change your lifestyle, create new habits while at the same time feeling “empowered” and even “grateful” to be able to make these choices which are beneficial for you. 

You are enough

This brings me to my final point today and that is, no matter what health issues you are dealing with and what your diagnosis is, your body is strong and adaptive and has a natural state of wellness and vitality. 

At the root of autoimmune disease (or any other chronic disease) is poor nutrition, stress and toxins. Once you understand this and learn how to create health promoting, foundational habits you will be able to create resilient health.

You already have what it takes to create better health by making better lifestyle choices and creating a positive, healing environment in your life. The good news is that this does not depend on what the external circumstances are in your life.

In other words, you can see the results by changing the way you think, the way you behave and the choices that you make by starting where you are right now!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


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