The right questions

Many of you already know what it is that you need to do to move towards better health, to have better relationships and to have more peace of mind. Or you may not be very clear about whether you are taking the steps in the right direction to where you want to be. Health Coaching can guide you and provide the accountability that you need.

It is when we start asking the right questions that real change and even transformation can happen.

The right questions can make you start thinking of what is really important to you and why you would want to make changes in the first place

The right questions can remind you of what actually brings you joy and what used to (or maybe still does) fascinate you when you were a child

The right questions can help you realistically visualise how you would like to live your life in the years to come and then work towards that

The right questions can make you discover your own power to change when you had given up all hope

And when you are ready, the right questions can even make you see clearly the road that you need to take towards better outcomes for the goals that you have set for yourself

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