Why you need a health coach


I provide guidance on diet- elimination of inflammatory foods and inclusion of good quality foods filled with macro (protein, carbohydrates and fats), micro (vitamins, minerals) and phytonutrients (colourful pigments in plant foods)


Incorporation of daily movement can help reduce the risk of many health conditions including mental health and also can also improve energy levels

Sleep and relaxation

Restorative activities which promote resilience and relaxation as well as adequate and quality sleep are critical for your journey towards wellness

Social relationships and connections

Social connections and a sense of belonging can transform stress by reducing the sense of suffering in isolation; often this can be one of the biggest obstacles towards reaching one's health goals

Mindfulness and stress management

Chronic stress over time can lead to impaired immunity and inflammation leading to chronic health conditions; it is imperative to find and practice any form or stress reduction like deep breathing, yoga, mindfulness meditation

We all have Health Goals that we would like to move towards. This could be for many reasons. It could be that you have been newly diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune condition or insulin resistance and diabetes and you have been asked to make dietary changes. Or it could be that you have been feeling fatigued lately and have been asked to change your sleeping patterns. It could even be that you know that your sugar cravings are a big reason for the recent weight gain.

In line with your health issues you may have even identified your health goals only to face the following issues-

  • You made a health commitment but could not stick to it after a few weeks (or even days)
  • You know exactly what you need to do but can't find the motivation to start
  • You have a received a treatment plan from your doctor which includes lifestyle changes that you have a hard time putting into practice
  • Or you may be struggling to figure out where to start

"It is usually not the lack of information that is an obstacle for most people, changing behaviour is."

My role as a Functional Medicine Health Coach

My role as Health Coach is to hold my client accountable for the goals that he or she sets and develop a plan that is personalised and focused on their whole self and not just their symptoms.

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach I help my clients discover their own power to change. By using positive psychology, motivational interviewing techniques as well as self exploratory methods like mindfulness I help my clients become more self aware. This helps them take charge of their health and regain their "spark".

In my coaching sessions, you can expect customised guidance and support on

Nutrition and hydration


Sleep and relaxation

Social relationships and connections

Mindfulness and stress management

Ready to take charge of your life and regain your spark?

Book a 60 minutes Initial Health Consultation with me

This session will

  • Help you identify key areas of your life that you need to focus on the improve your health outcomes using a Health Symptoms Questionnaire

  • Bring clarity on how Functional Medicine can help you identify the root cause of your health problems

  • Bring clarity on how Health Coaching can help you to actually make the necessary changes in areas like stress management, customised nutrition, reducing toxin burden and others

  • Also allow you to decide if you need my support in working toward your goals and if so which coaching programme would suit you best