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    Mindful parenting does not mean being a “perfect parent” and is not something you can fail at. It is not easy and like many other things needs practice before we can get better at it. At the same time, strengths based parenting can provide our children with 2 vital psychological tools- optimism and resilience. Infact, helping our children connect to their strengths during difficult times is one of the most important things we can do for them.

    As a mindful parent, we need to…

    Keep asking “What is truly important here?

    Acknowledge, name and meet all challenges with awareness; this means being aware of our shortcomings, limitations, insecurities and frustrations and then working on them

    Cultivate an awareness of our “interconnectedness”- if we are not doing well, our children will not do well and vice versa. This means that we need to take care of ourselves emotionally and physically so that we can take care of our children the way we would like to

    Most importantly, we need to learn to be present and express our love for our children in those everyday moments that make up our life and deepen our “connection” with our children

    A strength based parenting approach helps our children to

    develop and cultivate a growth mindset

    play to their strengths while at the same work on their weaknesses

    receive praise that is based on the process rather than the person

    build self esteem by connecting her to her strengths

    embrace their strengths and feel valued and important in the family

    When we combine the two, MAGIC happens!

    To know more about "Mindful Strengths Parenting" you can view my webinar on this topic by clicking HERE

    I have also touched upon the little known but highly relevant phenomenon "peer orientation" briefly in my session as it very relevant for us as parents. We need to be aware of this if we are to raise children who mature into compassionate, genuinely independent, resilient adults who go on to lead purposeful lives and contribute to society. I have written a book review for the book on this topic "Hold on to your kids- why parents need to matter more than peers" by Dr Gabor Mate and Gordon Neufield and I HIGHLY recommend reading this book.

    You can read it here -

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