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    Anindita is India’s first certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from the US-based Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). She is also a first-time author and has written a book called “I have eczema…so what?” for families and children dealing with eczema. She has a blog called “eczema-anindianperspective.com” where she shares information about eczema. She has her own health coaching practice in Mumbai, India and also collaborates with dermatologist, Dr Amrita Talwar, who is her co-author and her daughter’s dermatologist.

    She works with people suffering from various chronic diseases to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes. She helps her clients connect the dots between their chronic conditions and the environment they live in, including the food that they eat and their lifestyle

    Would you like to...

    Understand why you have digestive issues like bloating, constipation and diarrhea?

    Understand why you have health issues like allergies, eczema and low immunity?

    Fall asleep easily at night and wake up refreshed?

    Feel more energetic and motivated to fulfill your dreams?

    End the confusion about which "diet" to follow and enjoy food which is good for YOU?

    Transform your relationship to stress and meet challenges with presence, self compassion and openness?

    Discover ways to be the best version of yourself- based on YOUR Values, Purpose and Strengths?

    Empowering you to heal


    When we live, eat and move in a way that is good for our mind and body, we start to thrive and not just live. Thus when we have the right foods it nourishes our body; when we choose the right thoughts it nourishes our mind

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    We have an innate ability to heal that lies deep within us. Healing is not the same as getting cured, it is much more than that. When we learn to quieten our mind and listen to our bodies, we can truly give ourselves what we need to heal

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    We need to connect whether we realize it or not. To be fully alive we need to connect with others, and more importantly, we need to connect with ourselves. It is when we truly understand ourselves that we reach our full potential

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    Latest blog posts

    Food for thought- how your diet impacts your brain

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Humans have been on earth for over 5 million years out of which 99% of the time we were hunter-gatherers foraging fruits and vegetables and occasionally wild animals. At the same time, humans lived a life that was completely in sync with nature- both with the seasons as well as diurnal rhythm (day and night).  […]

    To improve your mood focus on your gut

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Our gut communicates with our brain and vice versa. The gut microbes and the cells of our create signalling molecules that send messages to the brain along the gut brain axis which influences our mental and emotional states. Also, signals travel in the reverse direction as our mental and emotional states in turn affect our gut health. This entire communication network is more important for your overall health and wellbeing than you could ever have imagined.

    Find your RHYTHM and replenish your energy

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Finding a routine which helps you to work with your body’s natural rhythm and not against becomes important. It helps add stability to our lives and makes us feel more balanced and secure.

    Change is inevitable, are you willing to ride the wave of change?

    Reading Time: 3 minutes if we stay open and curious to an ever changing landscape in our life of new possibilities, hopes and dreams then CHANGE can actually help us build resiliency. By learning to explore what presents itself rather than shutting down, we can ride the waves of change rather than getting carried away by its undercurrents

    Gratitude is a “gift” which keeps on giving

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Our language reflects our thoughts and our thoughts and words shape our future experiences. Grateful people use words like gifts, blessed, fortunate and blessings whereas less grateful people are more inclined towards words like burdens, deprivation and complaints. However, it is possible to shift our mindset and incline it towards positive emotions and move from self-critical talk to one that is supportive and nourishing.

    Are you ready to take charge of your life and regain your spark?

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    Do you know someone who is suffering from eczema?

    This book is about a 9 year old girl called Maya who suffers from eczema and the book is as much about eczema as it is about courage, love and compassion. Through Maya's struggles we are shown how to deal with a chronic condition which gives hope to others like her and their families. We learn that through love and support from our families, we can cope with the toughest of challenges.