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When we live, eat and move in a way that is good for our mind and body, we start to thrive and not just live. Thus when we have the right foods it nourishes our body; when we choose the right thoughts it nourishes our mind

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We have an innate ability to heal that lies deep within us. Healing is not the same as getting cured, it is much more than that. When we learn to quieten our mind and listen to our bodies, we can truly give ourselves what we need to heal


We need to connect whether we realize it or not. To be fully alive we need to connect with others, and more importantly, we need to connect with ourselves. It is when we truly understand ourselves that we reach our full potential

Would you like to...

Understand why you have digestive issues like bloating, constipation and diarrhea?

Understand why you have health issues like allergies, eczema and low immunity?

Fall asleep easily at night and wake up refreshed?

Feel more energetic and motivated to fulfill your dreams?

End the confusion about which "diet" to follow and enjoy food which is good for YOU?

Transform your relationship to stress and meet challenges with presence, self compassion and openness?

Discover ways to be the best version of yourself- based on YOUR Values, Purpose and Strengths?

If you would like to have clarity on your health goals and get started on your journey towards better health, book yourself a 60 minutes "Initial Health Consultation" with me today!

My story

My journey into Health Coaching began in a way when my daughter was born. The series of events which start in late 2011 completely transformed my life and now has culminated in my current Health Coaching profession. I am India’s first Functional Medicine Health Coach, and the best part is that this phase of my life has just started.

It started with my daughter's severe health issues which went from bad to worse over a period. This happened in spite of seeing some of the best doctors in our country and even the UK for her extremely severe eczema. Her health deteriorated over that time in spite of the strong medications that she was on.

My determination to heal my daughter led me to Functional Medicine. Over the next couple of years with the help of a practitioner, we focused on healing her from the inside out.

We discovered the power of true healing by treating the root cause using Functional Medicine. Ultimately, as we treated and healed her gut, her eczema disappeared and she went off all medications after five long years!

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I wanted to find a way to share what we had learned with others suffering from chronic health conditions and found my calling in Functional Medicine Health Coaching.

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"Functional Medicine Health Coaching works by focusing on the person as a whole and working with their strengths; it is a process of self-discovery for the client as they discover their own power to change."

"Using the tools of nutrition, lifestyle changes, movement and stress management enables us to work with our bodies rather than against it"

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Natural remedies and Essential Oils

Natural remedies in using herbs, oils and spices have been around for thousands of years in traditional healing systems. Essential oils also have been used for medicinal, cosmetic and hygienic purposes. If used correctly we can benefit from their healing powers. I have been using these natural remedies for the past few years for different health challenges. I intend to share my own learning and other resources with you in this space

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Food is medicine. Our ancestors have known this for centuries, yet somewhere along the way we lost sight of this fact. In fact in Ayurveda, every food can be considered medicine, neutral, or poison, depending on how it affects agni, or our digestive capacity. I will be sharing information/resources on good nutrition, food and recipes to support you in your health journey



Books have been an integral part of my life. Indeed, reading books have enabled me to be a part of others' lives whether it is rejoicing during good times, sharing in their sorrow and learning from their mistakes. More importantly, I am reminded of our shared humanity. I will share book reviews and other resources which inspire and support me in leading a fulfilling life

Are you ready to take charge of your life and regain your spark?

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Do you know someone who is suffering from eczema?

This book is about a 9 year old girl called Maya who suffers from eczema and the book is as much about eczema as it is about courage, love and compassion. Through Maya's struggles we are shown how to deal with a chronic condition which gives hope to others like her and their families. We learn that through love and support from our families, we can cope with the toughest of challenges.