is this YOU?

you have been on medications for more than 1 year

Yet you have developed  developed one more autoimmune condition and your symptoms have become worse

you have tried multiple diets including going off gluten and dairy

Yet you haven't seen any improvements in your gut health or a reduction in your symptoms and now you are back to square one

you constantly feel tired and need to pace yourself 

But even after 8 hours of sleep you still feel extreme fatigue and tired all the time and no matter what you do it doesn't help

The "Healing from within" is based on a unique 3 pillar framework "BODY-WISE HEALING" framework based on Functional Medicine principles to help women with autoimmune conditions discover their own power to HEAL with their bodies as their guide

healing from within


The sessions will be a mix of 1:1 and group coaching with 4-6 women in each cohort


A mastermind format with a mix of 1:1 and group coaching

There's a combination of video and audio trainings every week to walk you through the framework supported by guides, checklists and workbooks

live and prerecorded training sessions

These will be held on a fixed days and times every 3-4 weeks and will give you an opportunity to get your doubts cleared and get additional support

Fixed office hours (Q and A) 

“Healing from within” helps women feel healthy and at peace in their bodies once again

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Embrace your healing journey Podcast

This podcast for women with chronic conditions who want to navigate their healing journey and find relief from their symptoms without the fear of isolation and uncertainty.
On the Embrace Your Healing Journey podcast, I give you the tools that you need to tune into your body’s wisdom and take charge of your own healing journey. 


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