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Reading Time: 5 minutes At the heart of any autoimmune condition lies immune dysregulation. Autoimmune disease is a progressive disease that has vibrant health at one extreme end and a degenerative state at the other.

The problem is that when we are in the beginning stages of an autoimmune disease, there may not be any obvious symptoms. This is why we can suffer from autoimmune damage long before we are diagnosed and much before any symptoms occur.



The 6 stage healing journey that is highly effective while dealing with autoimmune conditions

Reading Time: 5 minutes Dealing with any such conditions requires us to make changes in terms of our lifestyle, our diet and our mindset. As a result, the steps that my clients have to take can become really overwhelming. To avoid this, I take my clients through a step-by-step process that consists of 6 stages. By going through this process, they become much more aware of their own bodies, feel more energetic and confident as they finally start addressing the root causes of their disease.


Functional Medicine

You are so much more than your autoimmune diagnosis and why it matters

Reading Time: 4 minutes We forget that our healing is our responsibility and goes much beyond the medication and treatment options available. When you are able to go beyond your disease diagnosis and reconnect with yourself as a “whole” person, it becomes much easier to start trusting your body. And as you become more tuned in to what your body needs, you are able to support and nourish it much more effectively.


Functional Medicine

3 hidden reasons why using a conventional approach to healing from an autoimmune condition is not working for you

Reading Time: 4 minutes When diagnosed with an autoimmune (or any other such severe chronic condition), we often feel helpless. In fact, conventional wisdom tells us that that there is not much that we can really do in terms of getting better apart from taking the necessary medications that have been prescribed. This further fuels this feeling of helplessness and leaves us feeling disempowered.


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How a health coach can help if you are dealing with an autoimmune condition

Reading Time: 4 minutes In my latest blog post I share with you why more and more people are realising that they need to make certain make lifestyle, dietary, and mindset changes in order to regain their health. Making better choices and creating new habits is key when it comes to healing from an autoimmune (and other chronic) conditions.


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Healing autoimmune with Anindita Podcast

If you have been diagnosed with one or more autoimmune conditions and would like to go beyond symptom management, find ways to actively participate in your healing process, treat food as medicine and follow a mind-body approach then this podcast is for you.


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By working together in partnership with me you will feel empowered and confident to move towards your health and wellness goals. More importantly, over time you will realise that you already have the power inside you to heal yourself and that by working together you will be able to harness this power and move towards optimal health



5 ways of getting a good night's sleep

This handout contains a list of suggestions for better sleep to help you incorporate some good sleeping hygiene and get good quality sleep.


5 simple ways in which your morning routine can contribute to your self care practice

One of the best things that we can do to increase productivity and get things done is to have a well thought out morning routine

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