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Let’s face it- we all have our own flaws, we are all imperfect human beings. Compassion is the antidote to “body dissatisfaction”. It’s about moving from “uggh” when we face our imperfect body to going “awwe”. By embracing our bodies with compassion we are able to free ourselves from the tyranny of the next "diet" or "exercise". We are then free to find out for ourselves what does suit our body.

Your body is doing the best that it can


Your body is doing the best that it can and while it is trying to match up to your standards and it may sometimes fail to do so. Your job is to support and nourish your body so that it can heal and thrive. This is the key to creating and then sustaining good health.

Also, maintaining a healthy weight is dependant on your body functioning optimally. Weight does not determine your overall health and is only one piece of the puzzle. Food, exercise, and rest are all important here and the balance between these determines whether you are creating health or moving towards disease.

Selfcare is that aspect of our health that is within our control


Many things about our health are not within our control, just like this pandemic. However, if we are to maximise the impact of our efforts in taking care of our health, then most of our energy should be focused on what is within our control. And that is our own self care.

Self care is about listening to what your body needs, trusting these messages, and then giving your body what it needs. Not once in a while but every single day! By prioritising our own self care and our health we build resiliency. This helps us to deal with health issues as and when they crop up and also bounce back faster when we become ill. When we are able to do this for ourselves, we are able to take care of our family's health from a place of strength.

Your body is your "friend"


Thinking of your body as a separate identity can help you to take care of it at times that are challenging. Thinking of your body like this may help you to support it like you would a dear friend who is dealing with health or other issues.

The following journal prompts can help you with this...

-How do you take care of a friend in need?

-What words do you use? What tone of voice?

-How would you embrace your friend’s imperfections and be there for them anyway?

-What might your body say to you after you have taken care of it with love and compassion for one day?

When you are able to do this for your body, you will find that you become free from the constant cycle of “diet” or “exercise”.

There is no one “right diet or exercise”


By listening to your body's unique messages you will realise that what is good for you may be completely different from someone else needs at this moment. And this need also keeps changing depending on your current environment.

Indeed, there is no one right diet or exercise!

We all live in different environments and have different nutrient requirements, detoxification capabilities, and lifestyles. This makes each of us unique with unique requirements.

As you embrace your body as it is and embrace its imperfections, you are able to go beyond the conventional practices of diets and exercise and fully experience your body-mind and feel resilient, joyful, and good in your own skin.